Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last week’s Pit.

...with Peak-attributes in places. (I know, I’m tardy. Sorry!) Heads-up: traces of God and the Bible inserted here! :)
Note: this first section was mostly written last Sunday, September 4th.
I wasn’t sexy this weekend.
I sat and did homework. It’s taking me a long time. I could “half” my assignments, but I’m trying not to. I’m also attributing my working speed/pace to the long summer hiatus from Spanish. Otra vez, here I am writing in my second language.
I first wasn’t able to attend YoungLife’s Malibu Leadership Retreat this weekend….I wasn’t able to obtain a replacement passport in time. So, I decided to go home (that’s semi-sexy) to visit my wonderful family (love them) and surprise my padre. (BTW – complete surprise success!) I BBQed, churched, movie-ed with the Bro, cheered on the Coug-like Totems, shopped, guzzled some Starbucks and had some quality conversations. Good to be back home.
Now I’m blogging about my weekend. I think that’s pretty sexy. Dang it, but now it’s distracting from my studies, and my big Tuesday deadline. WhatupwithTHAT?!
Back to the books. To retraining my bilingual-attempting mind. To remembering hard work, the unglamorous effort exerted, self-discipline and working towards long-term goals. It’s like running after a long weekend. Or summer.
Note: the following section was written today, September 14th.
So you wanna know the ending of the story?
After initially hearing I couldn’t attend Malibu’s leadership weekend, I came to a peace. After all, I had 2 Spanish papers and 2 quizzes on Tuesday. Also, I love and missed my family (only had been 2 weeks since our road trip!). I knew I might not see them before Thanksgiving break. It was GOOD to see them. I especially treasured my quality time with Ben. I don’t get to have a lot with Ben – times with him are intermittent, and mostly happen when there are lots of distractions (namely, the holidays). I adored watching him cowbell at the Sammamish High School football game (let’s get more cowbell, son!), throwing around the football with him (training camp for TURKEY BOOWWWLLL!), and better comprehending Inception’s plot (only the 3rd time around…).

Time with my parents was precious, too. Shopping and Starbucks with Mom, giving Daddy a HUGE hug when I first saw him…yup. I’ll hang onto all those small moments when I’m feeling dry on semester endurance. All in all…I believe God had a purpose for my weekend at home.
AND, I finished my papers and quiz studying with great time management. In case you wanted to know. ;) (BLESSING!)
Pit: But still, part of me was sad looking at Malibu pictures on Facebook. It made me realize all the peer relational time at this isolated paradise I missed. Seeing the face of my childhood friend Amy Grimm, and Jeff Hjort, a friend I’ve gone too long without made me teary. How I miss them! How incredible that leadership weekend seemed. It reminded me to pray for them. God obviously has a better timeline and plan to connect - a better date – but it just wasn’t the right time then. I’m grateful the lost passport made my decision to not attend. For now, I’m reminded God’s plan is best…and doesn’t always include being sexy.

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Psalm 31:15a 
My times are in your hands.

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  1. More COWBELL!!!

    Also, I love that verse in Psalms.