Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 5: Peak and Pit

Week 5: Peak and Pit (High and Low)

Peak: Anchoring on Wednesday. It was my third time doing so! The feedback from my professor was super encouraging…and simultaneously giggle inspiring. Here are his words:
“After watching, no one can say you’re not enthused about doing the news.  You’re full of energy.  Lots of smiles reading the budget story….considering the impacts and the layoffs, a little too happy for that story (…) nice work.”
Maybe I should actually take his advice and “listen to the story.” AKA:  what is it saying? What words do I emphasize? What is the important part of the story? Putting happy and sad faces on your copy to prompt facial expression when glancing down isn’t advised, but neither is wearing the wrong emotion. Stopping publication funding and consolidating colleges isn’t necessarily a smiling matter. :)
Pit: Second midterm week. Two quizzes, producing, anchoring, a paper and an exam led to slight over-caffeination.
Peak of the Pit: After the fact, I realize the assignments really helped me grasp the material (mostly!). I got to know and spend time with more Murrow people. I did not catch a cold, as one is currently housed in our apartment. And I skyped with Riley last night (which is not quite related to this Pit. However, the time spent with him is always precious, and was a beautiful way to cap off the week). :)


  1. Yeah, sorry about the cold thing... but I'm glad you haven't caught it! Keep chugging that OJ!

  2. Yay, Abby! Glad you can see the beauty in the midst of crazy life. And, you are Abby and you bring a smile to everything. But I guess being an anchor may involve much composure and a little acting at times. Glad to hear you are learning so much. Hope you are well one month after this post, my friend. Just thinking about you. I'll give a shout out to Jesus for you to maintain sanity and peace in the midst of the busy college life.

  3. Hi Abby -

    Just wanted to say hi and thanks for following my blog. Not sure if you've been following Truly and Finn's story or if you are a fan of Letters From The Ledge, but at any rate I think it's awesome that you're pursuing communications. Keep up the good work and stay strong!

    Lynda Meyers