Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finding the Upside

Like a good friend modeled for me in her blog, finding the upside is very attractive. And well, sometimes necessary. Like today.

Today my roommate Delaney and I hunted available bikes to ride to Moscow, Idaho. After frustrations (for an hour) in locating and obtaining a bike via the WSU Green Bike Program…we finally sweated our way to meet Nicole and Ryan.

Water bottled and rocking the shades with beautiful, breezy weather….things were looking bright. Until my bike didn’t shift, and stayed at a pansy-hilled gear number one. Ryan determined my derailer (gear-shifter) was out of order. :/ That is disgusting, slow and entirely unsatisfying.

My friends decided the 16-mile Moscow ride was not doable in my condition, and Plan B-ed for a Daily Grind adventure. They were so cheerful, even saying this would have been just as fun. Love them.

I needed some optimism, and thought I’d share my brainstormies!

The upsides:

1. I learned what a derailer is!
2. I realized again what cool friends I have. I made another memory with them!
3. I got to sport a cute outfit.
4. I learned to plan ahead by getting and testing my bikes the afternoon before a ride.
5. I got to practice patience!
6. In my slow riding, I had time to pray and think about Riley!
7. I’m a proud owner of a Daily Grind punch card (free drink after 10 coffees!)
8. The day would’ve been HOT…a 55 degree autumn day later will be beautiful, too. Many weekends for riding in Fall Semester!
9. We could’ve been hit by a SEMI TRUCK….or maybe not. But who knows with my one-geared bike?
10. I worked on my racerback tan.